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Time to play some Footy!

Look at this all new packaging!!!

Footy Feud! is an Australian football themed-card game.

Players are dealt numeric cards, and choose the highest value for scoring. The objective is to have the highest score at the end of the game (played over 4 quarters).

4 cards in the deck allow stealing or score multiplication.

- Footy Feud! Features all 18 clubs so is great for all footy lovers!

-Loved by kids for being quick to learn and easy to play (each game only takes ~15minutes to play)

-Strong replay-ability as no two games are ever the same-

Endorsed by parents and teachers for improving kids’ numeracy and problem-solving skills (particularly for improving counting and 6x tables)

-Great gift option and Christmas stocking filler

Quick, fun and ideal for any kind of gamer.

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