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What's New, Mind Games? 27/09

If you're a parent you don't need reminding that school holidays are upon us.

You're probably basking in the comfort of letting the kids off to run through pastures and play hoola-hoops in the local park with their little pals.

What a time to be a child, hey?

...I've just been informed that kids don't do those things any more. Preferring the company of mobile phones and some sort of fidgety spins thing.

Well, in that case, take away that nasty phone and stick a game in their hands!

Or better yet, don't, and while they're focused on flapping birds or whatever game is trending now you can have some social time with partners and friends over a new, incredible game.

Or play them together as a family for that time to bond, connect and crush your children in a devastating defeat.

It's how they learn people.

One day they will win. Prepare yourself for that eventuality.

Either way, we have some great new games and somebody really ought to play them.

They're really good. Better than hoola hoops and fidget spinners combined. Fidget hoops.

Sorry about the glare on some of these games folks, we'll work on getting a better location for future shots.

This week in games! :



Legendary X-Men

Yokohama (made it in the shot this time!)




Stop Thief!

Cities of Splendor

Not Parent Approved (aka Kids against Humanity)


The Godfather Corleone's Empire

Whistle Stop


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