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Favourite Board Games?

What are some of your favourite games?

Here is a list of my three favourite games that I just cant get enough of.

Hive- Hive is a highly addictive strategic two player game, where the aim is to surround your opponents queen bee piece.

The game starts off with each player playing one piece each down connecting them together, after that each player takes a turn playing either one of their piece's or moving a piece.

Raptor - Raptor is a two player game where one player plays as the scientist's who's aim is to capture three of the five young raptor's or shoot the mother raptor five times.

The raptor's goal is either escape with three of her five young or kill all of the scientists on the board.

Arkham Horror lcg - Arkham Horror is a one to four player game where you play as investigators trying to solve the eldritch mysteries, while trying to escape dangerous monsters.

Would love to hear some feedback on some of your favourite games

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