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What's New Mind Games? 10/11/17

Well, the PAX dust has settled. Essen has wrapped for another huge year. Christmas is right around the corner and the games just keep on a comin'.

SO! What's new this week? Now That's A Question!

There's also a game called That's A Question from renowned Codenames designer, Vlaada Chvatil. Will it be the smash hit Codenames continues to be? That's the real question.

Renegade has a Massive showing this week with Clank! In! Space! Ex Libris, Flipships and Sentient all landing after wowing the show floor at Gen Con earlier this year. So whether you want to steal items that certainly aren't lightsabres in deep space, develop artificial intelligence, manage a magical library or ... er... flip ships, Renegade has you covered.

Speaking of flipping and flicking, Pretzel Games hits us with Flick em Up : Dead of Winter, so finally our dreams of dropping Zombies out of a tower can be realised! But they've also come in with Junk Art (not pictured) an amazing party game that's asks players to put together unsound structures better than everyone else at the table. With a variety of play modes and pieces that just don't quite fit together, Junk Art should be in your collection and will liven up your Christmas lunch. In a cultural way.

Finally, for the kids we have Ticket to Ride Europe - First Journeys so your kids can experience the Ticket to Ride phenomena and build their way up to TTR proper and compete with the adults. And at the other end of the spectrum, Fate of the Elder Gods and Mansions of Madness - Streets of Arkham enter to deliver some after Halloween chills and ensures that you can continue to experience madness from the comfort of your home.

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