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During the busy season it can be hard to get all the games you want AND get games for the people you need to buy presents for.

That's why our time has extended!

Interested in dropping by?

Check out our opening times for December below :

9.30am to 8pm Sun

9.30am to 9pm Mon, Tues, Wed & Sat

9.30am to 11pm Thurs & Fri

Left it until the last moment? Don't worry, we're still here for you!

Friday 22nd & Saturday 23rd - 8.30am to 12am

Sunday 24th (Christmas Eve) - 8.30am to 7pm

Christmas Day - Closed

Regular hours will resume after Christmas Eve.

If you have any questions or queries about our hours, or stock availabilities, don't hesitate to call our stores on either

244 Swanston St - 03 9923 7723

145 Swanston St - 03 9663 2828

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