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Just landed – Condottiere

A fresh re-release of a 1990's strategy classic with a new twist!

Find yourself in 13th century Italy, the renaissance cities bubbling with life, trade and wealth. The local armies, however, are weak and leave the cities vulnerable to invasions from the envious neighbouring states. Meanwhile, English veteran soldiers are returning from the Crusades, capable men desperate for a new purpose. Italian city-states employ these mercenaries under the agreement known as Condotta. The most elite of the mercenary leaders were known as the Condottiere.

In Condottiere, players are competing in acquiring four connected provinces. The provinces are auctioned off each round, and the players bid with their hands of cards, representing mercenary forces, political figures, seasons, and scarecrows. Unlike a usual bidding system, in Condottiere all players loose their buddings – in effect they lay on the table the number of troops they are willing to loose in order to gain a particular province. All the while, cards with special effects are played, shaking things up and changing the outcomes of each round.

Mechanisms : Area Control, Auction, Hand Management

Complexity: 2/5

Players: 2-6

Time : 20-45min

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