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Magic at Mind Games!

This Friday, 17th of May come by our 244 Swanston St. store for your weekly dose of Magic: The Gathering! We'll be running a quick game of Sealed using the War of the Spark theme booster packs.

These new boosters contain 35 cards each, and are essentially a ready-to-play deck - just add some land and you're good to go! Each theme booster is of one specific colour of mana, so we'll be running mono-battles! This provides a very levelled game, and is new-player friendly.

So choose your mana colour, and let's see who comes out on top by the end of the night!

Entry fee is $10 and includes 1 theme booster. Please bring some basic lands with you; we will have some in store, but more is better!

The game starts at 6pm, with registration opening at 5:30pm. As always, there will be promos and boosters on the night!

See you there!

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