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Answer The Call of the Everchosen - Preorder Warcry With Us!

Have you heard the summons of Archaon? Warcry is almost out - the newest standalone system for skirmish-based wargaming from Games Workshop. Set in the Eightpoints, Warcry takes you straight into the heat of the battle with its fast-paced and action-packed gameplay.

Quick, well-balanced, and most importantly - fun - Warcry offers a thrilling and challenging campaign with engaging narrative. Other features include a multiplayer option, a range of never-before-seen Chaos models and brand-new scenery.

We are opening our preorders today - get your Warcry starter set and anything else from the many faction cards to the Warcry carry case at 20% off the RRP!

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us - shoot us a message, call us on 0399237723, or come by our 244 Swanston street store to have a look through the Warcry demo :D

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