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The Mind: Surpass your Humanly Limits

One life left. We stand at the mercy of fate itself; six cards left to play and a single mistake could be our downfall. Odds like these could cause lesser folk to break into tears, call it quits, run back home to hide under the blankets of their childhood bed; fate is after all a cruel and unforgiving master.

But fate has no servants here. I look at the cards in my hand: 33 and 78. I scan the image of these numbers into my brain and transmit my thoughts into the Sync. I catch Frank's eye and he gives me a knowing smile, we both turn to Sam who mirrors back our expressions with perfect confidence. "I think its me" I say; but we all know this already. 33, 45, 46, 47, 78, 89.

Fate will not have us today. We trust in the Sync, and the Sync has lead us to victory.

The Mind is our Game of the Week! Easy to teach and easy to learn the Mind is a cooperative game for two to four friends where players must use their intuition, ability to count and the powers of the mind itself to lead themselves to the most satisfying of victories.


The Mind itself is made up of a deck of cards numbered one to one hundred, along with some life and shuriken cards. Starting with level one each player will be dealt a single card from the shuffled deck of numbers and the players must work together to place the cards on the table, one at a time, from lowest to highest numerical value. The most important rule however is that you are not allowed to communicate about the number on your cards in any way! Here you must trust in the power of the Sync. Connect your minds and trust in your instincts. If you believe your card is next then play it! If you can feel that your card is last then do not doubt yourself and play it too soon! Don't forget to communicate in the ways that you can; you should trust your own gut and your friends' guts too! Every time a card is placed down when another should have gone before, it all cards that should have gone before are placed beneath and a life is lost. Run out of lives and its game over. Those who trust in the Sync however will easily pass level one! The deck is reshuffled for level two and each player will be dealt two cards, then three in level three and so on. Every few levels will earn players an extra life or an extra shuriken. Shurikens can be used at any time if players agree that the next move is too hard and allow every player to discard their lowest card.

The Mind also comes with a handy reference sheet to give any number of players a goal of what level they should try to reach. But why stop there? Your only real opponent is the version of you who played the previous game! You gonna let that punk win???

If you think the Mind sounds like the game for you then please come and grab yourself a copy from Mind Games Melbourne at 244 or 145 Swanston Street! As our Game of the Week anyone who asks for a copy of the Mind with the secret code "mind your manners" will get 10% off on an available copy of the Mind! Offer lasts from 16/09/2019 to 22/09/2019

The Mind is the limit!

- Ben

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