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Cards Against Kris Kringles

December is beginning to show it's ugly head as November bids us a sweet goodbye, and holiday-period stress levels are starting to creep up on us in December's shadow! How many people do you need to prepare family dinner for? Who are you spending New Year's Eve with? What present are you going to get your kids/nieces/nephews/cats so they don't resent you for not loving them enough deep into their adult lives?

And of course, on top of it all, what do you get your Kris Kringle that's both close enough to the strangely strict budget and is generically enjoyable enough that it isn't blaringly obvious that you've only spoken to them twice??

You may be shocked to hear that here at Mind Games Melbourne we can and will wholeheartedly recommend Mind Games Melbourne as the perfect solution to all Kris Kringle related problems! Among our range of nifty and affordable puzzles, novelties and knick-knacks we also have an excellent and exciting range of card games that would be the perfect gift for any stranger, acquaintance or generic other! From the thematically relevance of Letters to Santa, to the chaotic energy of Anomia, the cheeky fun of No Thanks!, educational vale of Timeline, the twist on a classic that is Monopoly Deal and so much more; we have your Kris Kringle covered!

Don't drive yourself into unnecessary stress and panic! Come by our CBD stores - 244 & 145 Swanston street - and have a browse!

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