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Voices In My Head!

Hot new release! VOICES IN MY HEAD might be one of the strangest, most unique games of the year.

The game takes place in a courtroom where Guy is on trial for robbery. One player is the fiery prosecutor trying to send him away for the crime, the other players are the different voices in Guy’s brain; each vying for control of his mind in order to sway the jury towards their hidden agenda.

I told you it was weird. Not only that, but the way players take control of different aspects of Guy’s brain is by physically pushing these ‘thought chips’ onto a floating platform and dislodging other players' pieces. It’s an action that I can only describe as a little bit like board game ice curling? But in the brain?

I’d like to take a walk in Corey Konieczka’s mind. He’s the designer of this game and has the most eclectic list of credits, previously working on The Battlestar Galactica Board Game, Star Wars Rebellion, Twilight Assault and a whole slew of other Fantasy Flight games. Now he’s got his own studio having just put out The Initiative and Voices In My Head.

I think all the staff here at mind games are really excited to try this one. And let me just say, when it comes time for the trial... I have a lot of My Cousin Vinny lines ready.



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