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What's New Mind Games? 29/11/16

What's This?

More New Releases?

Heck YES it's more new releases!

This week there's something for everybody be they a fan of miniatures, mammoths, gardening or even warm weather?

So without further ado, come on in and check out this amazing collection of gaming action!

From the top we have :

From Mr Pandemic himself, Matt Leacock, we have Chariot Race*! A surprisingly uncreatively named game about racing .... chariots ....

The Order of the Gilded Compass. The latest re-tread of the dice placement classic Alea Iacta Est.

The Oracle of Delphi*. Stephan Feld's Essen darling, a euro racing game about battling monsters and receiving the favour of the gods.

Cottage Garden. if you love Patchwork and wanted to add more players, more cats and fast gameplay, Cottage Garden is here for you.

Jim Henson's Labyrinth. If you want to be reminded of a babe, this game will be there for you. That is.... if you need it.

Royals. The latest in the Dice Tower Essentials series. Royals provides Ticket to Ride card play on an area control game.

Rokoko*. Nominee for the Kennerspiele 2014, Rokoko combines Deck-Building and resource management as well as area majority in an easy and fun game about making dresses for party-goers in the late 18th century.

Dominion 2nd Ed. Out with the old, in with the new. Cards that is. If you've never played, or never picked up a copy, now may just be the time to jump in.

Conan. The big guy hits with a box as bigger than his biceps, Conan provides some unique combat mechanisms with a veritable hoard of miniatures!

Evolution Climate. You've evolved to eat vegetables, or perhaps to eat other animals, or even to take flight, but how will you fair against the uncaring forces of nature? A whole new layer added to Evolution ensures that Climate is the version to get for the Evolution series.

this week we also have, Port Royal*, Camel Up Cards* and Coal Baron the Card Game* in store. Check em out!

*These are multi-lingual releases with rules for both English and German in the box. Components themselves are language independent and therefore can be played in any language.

All stock limited. Availability may differ from our 244 to 145 stores, to ensure your copy, call ahead and speak to a friendly staff member!

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