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Legendary Encounters Alien

Waiting for the latest Alien movie to come out?

If so you should definitely check out this game,

Legendary Encounters Alien is a deck building game where players select a role, such as a scout and are given ten starting cards.

When setting up this game the players select which movie they would like to play through, you have a choice from Alien, Aliens, Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection.

In this game players work against the enemy Hive deck where the aliens can creep up on you very fast, in order to beat these aliens, players can recruit cards to add to their deck.

These cards are iconic characters from the Alien franchise such as Ripley, Captain Dallas and many more

Will you survive on the Nostromo? or will an Alien/facehugger get you?

(There is an Alien deck for those who are killed by a chest buster)

The expansion allows players to play as the ferocious Queen of the Xenomorphs, which includes all new scenarios based on the same four films.


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