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Blitzmania continues!

"Hey Jim, remember Blitzmania?" "The popular Blood Bowl league that took the world by storm and introduced a slew of new teams before the Commissioner vanished under suspicious circumstances and most of the people behind it were arrested on corruption charges? Yes, Bob. Rings a bell. Why do you ask?" "Well, looks like it's coming back!" "Really? Do the lawyers know?" "I guess so, because this looks official! They sent us a press release, take a look..." "The Blitzmania Regionals! How interesting. It appears franchise rights have been offered to stadiums around the circuit, meaning sports fans everywhere will be able to participate in official Blitzmania-branded leagues. What an exciting development!" "I tell ya, Jim, I'm looking forward to seeing how this pans out." "Me too, Bob! Especially if we're still getting paid per match..."

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