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What's New, Mind Gam.... Wait a minute. Didn't you just do one of these? 12/11/17

Oh. You thought we were done?

Not by a long shot!

2017 has proven to be a big year in gaming and if ever proof was needed, look no further than the provided image.

Pandemic Legacy Season 2 is here!! Not only is it here, but there are so many spoilers associated with it that I really can't say anymore than that without risking ruining the story for you. Suffice it to say it's available in both Yellow and Black boxes (not pictured) and please don't flame us for telling you that, that isn't a spoiler. This will undoubtedly be one of the big contenders for game of the year across board game media, mark our words!

Speaking of awards, Raiders of the North Sea raids our shelves after being nominated for Kennerspiele and two huge Kickstarter campaigns. Yes, the box may be small, but it proves that a great game with plenty going on doesn't need to take up your entire game shelf (something we here at Mind Games REALLY appreciate!)

Queendomino the bigger sibling to the Spiel de Jahres winner Kingdomino arrives featuring the award-winning gameplay, but with some changes that add more deicisions and gamer-appeal. Combine with Kingdomino for more gameplay options, or get the one that caters best to you and your gaming crew.

Custom Heroes takes the interesting Card Crafting mechanism AEG employed for Mystic Vale and utilises it for a trick-taking game. Will this one prove to be a trick-taking hero? Or just another masked-vigilante? Time will tell.

Finally, The Chameleon, a game with an illegible box, takes the Spyfall formula and tasks players with giving one-word clues within a set category and guessing who doesn't know the correct word in the set. Can you deceive and catch the Chameleon or will they blend in with the crowd? One thing is for sure, if you're looking for a fun party deception game, this one stands out!

Limited Stock Available

Availabilities at our 244 and 145 Stores may vary, please contact your preferred store for details.

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