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Shadespire is the latest release from Games workshop,

The Mirrored City of Shadespire is a nightmare plane of illusions and madness, only those who are brave enough,unfortunate or foolish enough enter the city.

The core box offers players two warbands to pick from either the Stormcast Eternals or Bloodbound Khorne, after players pick their warbands, they then construct a deck of 12 Objective cards and 20 power cards (which can be used to score glory)

Shadespire is played over three rounds, each round a player has four activation phases, you can use one activation to Move, Attack, Charge, guard or discard a card to draw a new card.

Once all three rounds are done, the player with the most glory wins, then you start all over again until a best of three has been won.

The latest two Warbands have also been released which introduce some new play styles and new cards to test

Latest Warbands -Sepulchral Guard -Ironskull's Boyz

If you're interested in playing shadespire send us a message and we'll organise a demo to be set up for you

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