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What's New, Mind Games? 23/11/17

Well now, what's all this then?

I suppose it comes as no surprise that Twilight Imperium 4th Edition is now out in the wild. You may be mistaken in thinking that the smaller box fool you contains less game, but I can assure you TI4 packs even more space opera per square inch than it's predecessor. With streamlined rules, a new method of tracking upgrades and a few elements taken from the TI3 expansions, this is now the golden standard in ridiculously massive 4x space game extravaganzas! Having said all that, there's a pretty good chance if you have been awaiting this one you're likely hugging your copy right now. For the rest of us, this is a game you have to play at least once in your life.

Now then, TI4 is hardly all.

First Martians takes the Robinson Crusoe formula and sticks it where the sun don't shine. Mars. Oh the sun does shine on Mars? Well... er.. Screw you Mars! Anyhow. No, you won't be encountering aliens, instead it's more akin to the film The Martian, maintaining life systems, exploring a vast new planet. You could think of it as the first steps of Terraforming Mars if you wanted. The biggest change (of which there are many) from Robinson Crusoe is the events, instead of cards you use an app which gives you a bit of information, allows you to make a choice and later hits you with the repercussions of making that choice. It's almost like a life-simulator of some kind.

Mountains of Madness on the other hand brings to life the experience of classic horror author and questionable human being, HP Lovecraft's Mountains of Madness! In it you co-operatively try to ascend the Mad Mountain itself, but as you go you'll find yourself and your friends may start acting a little strange. Before you know it communication is breaking down and co-operation proves harder to maintain. From famed Legacy designer Rob Daviau, this is best for players that don't mind horror, co-operation and laughing in the face of madness.

Bunny Kingdom from Mr Magic the Gathering and reigning King of Tokyo, Richard Garfield, is a drafting game with some 150 odd cards in the box! Good luck remembering all of those. At it's heart, Bunny Kingdom charges you with leading your factions of Bunnys to take up as much space on the board as possible, grow carrots, hire specialised rabbits and generally be the cutest ruler at the end of the day.

Cat Lady finally allows us to live out our lifelong dreams. Drafting collections of cats! But it doesn't stop there! You have to entertain them, give them cat nip, but most importantly, you need to feed your cats. Feed your cats people!

Crosstalk takes the Password/Codenames formula and takes another spin at it. Both cluegivers have the same word from a display, they then give their team a one word private clue. Now both cluegivers say word one word clues aloud, allowing both teams to get information as to which is the correct word. For fans of Codenames looking for a new option, or fans of word games in general, this provides a bit more of that Party "eureka" element that may seem missing from Codenames.

and finally, altogether now... BEEEEEEEEEES! Bees (no, I'm not putting in all the e's every time. That would be obnoxious) Is all about rolling dice and taking hive cards. Real-time dice rollers may not be everybody's bag but I guess the motion of quickly grabbing dice and rolling them is almost the same as shooing bees away so perhaps it's more thematically tied than it would first seem.

Finally you say!?

I think NOT!

Alright then, Game of Thrones Catan : Brotherhood of the Watch hit our store shelves TODAY! Combining everyone's favourite board game with everyone's favourite unfinished fantasy novel series / nearing completion HBO TV show gorefest. Taking the tried and true Catan gameplay, players will now have to contend with wildling invasion, patches of ice that produce nothing, and the assistance of characters from the series themselves. As much as you want to expand you are also required to be the Watchers on the Wall, failure to do so may result in Giants stampeding across your beautiful Sheep tiles. Do they mix like wine and ale*? Or more like fire and ice?

*Mind Games does not condone the mixing or excessive consumption of wine and / or ale.

Stock strictly limited.

Availability at our 145 and 244 Swanston St locations may differ, please contact your preferred store to check availability.

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