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What's New, Mind Games? 29/11/17

It's the end of November and unless my eyes deceive me we're into the Christmas period.

That means big trees covered in baubles, crowds and of course, large men dressed in weather inappropriate clothing.

Seriously, guy is going to get heat stroke.

It also means you're going to have to make the tough choice from here on out. Do you spend on you or on gifts for others?

Luckily for you, we have new releases that are perfect for both!

What do we have? Well, let's start with :

Scythe : The Wind Gambit! Scythe landed with an absolute blast, still remaining one of our biggest sellers one year later. Now you can go where no Scythe player has gone before.

Into the sky!

Via your own faction airship!

These things are nothing to scoff at either, these mini's are big! Largi's, maybe? No? I'll move along.

Of course, this also means that Scythe is back in stock!

Speaking of moving along, maybe you're a fan of Viticulture or Scythe and looking for a new endeavour by the same designer? Enter Charterstone! Charterstone is Jeremy Stonemaier's attempt at a Legacy game. Not only is the artwork super cute, but you are constantly designing and shaping the game as you play, until at the end you have your very own made personal version of the game. One that can be played over and over.

It's a Legacy without end!

And if you don't like your version, or just want a change, you can always get the Recharge Pack and, using the other side of the board, go through the story once more.

Fallout. They say War. War never changes. But Fallout clearly has as it is now in a box instead of on your home gaming machine of choice. Take on the roll of a Vault Dweller, or Brotherhood member, or a Ghoul, why not right? Traverse and explore the wasteland, make friends, murder enemies, do things and get points until someone is declared a winner! This one is a sandbox more akin to Merchants and Marauders, but instead of being a pirate, you're a wasteland wanderer. Prepare to be irradiated!

Speaking of war, Aeon's End : War Eternal makes no claims about whether war changes or not, but it never ends.

Combining the co-op deck-building of the original iteration, but throws in a few changes to make it feel like you're in the heat of battle! If you love taking on giant monsters, slaughtering minions and surviving against the odds you should absolutely be checking this series out.

Civilization : A New Dawn is not just a new box for an older game, this is a whole reworking of Civilization to bring all new players into the series. With the map completely open from the beginning of play, players will utilise their civ bonuses, compete to complete agendas and prove to be the greatest civilization. Long time Civ players may feel it's missing some elements from previous versions, but in return the game is far easier for new players and like TI4 before it, takes far less time to complete. For any concerned parties remember, this is owned by FFG. Expansions will be on the horizon.

Since we're taking a step back in time, Through the Desert (probably not the game you were expecting me to mention) is a return of one of Knizier's most beloved games. A somewhat meaner game, players use coloured camels to claim chunks of the desert as their own whilst denying their opponents space on the board. Claim oasis', deny opponents oasis', ride camels. What's not to love?

Time Stories returns with Estrella Drive to take us to the best time period of all.

The 80's.

As always the story itself is mired in mystery. What the adventure is exactly and what new twists this story will introduce is always unknown until you have stepped into the caisson (the time travel units in the game for those not in the know).

This one specifically states it has mature content and is not suitable for kids. Presumably drugs, sex and violence are in store. But seeing as previous stories have had some seriously dark themes and graphic depictions,

I'm thinking this is going to have something particularly strong to warrant the sticker. Player beware.

Speaking of darkness, Photosynthesis has been on our shelves before, but it's back in stock! This is the kind of game where you just throw some shade on your friends. Is it mean? Yeah, a little, you are depriving your opponents trees of life sustaining light. But hey, it looks really pretty on the table. This is going to be one of the biggest games this Christmas.

But in the end, all you can do is Smile. Smile is all about getting your lost animals back by enticing them with fireflies and honestly, that setup right there is bound to warm some hearts. The only issue is everything loves fireflies, so you're bound to end up with wild stray critters. Which is bad, you don't want those. Now I figure some of you may think "they need homes too", well just because they're strays doesn't mean they don't have their own homes and families to return to. Leave the poor creatures alone and don't feed them bread. I know you mean well but it isn't good for them.



Yup. This week we have :

Clans of Caledonia! After a massive kickstarter and critical acclaim, Clans of Caledonia proves a small box can contain a lot of game. For fans of euros, this one has resource management, a stock track and the means to benefit from your opponents resources. But most of all, it has Whiskey, and lots of it. Including variable setup and player powers, for this particular writer, Clans of Caledonia is easily one of the best games I've played this year. If you like Euro games at all, absolutely play this game!

Rhino Hero Super Battle! Not content to climb a tower, now Rhino Hero and other .... friends? Rivals? must build additional towers and climb all over them. Giving each player their own piece and adding a competitive aspect to a favourite game is gold. Now taking those big risks is all the more rewarding.

Stock Availabilities Limited!

Stock availabilities may vary between 145 and 244 Swanston St. Contact ahead of time to secure your copy.

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