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Fate of the Elder Gods - our spooky game of the week!

It’s Halloween season, and you know what that means.. time to summon ancient evil and cast doom upon all creation with our new game of the week - Fate of the Elder Gods!

We invite you to assume the role of a cult in the pursuit for power and knowledge. Each player competes to summon their Horror before the rest, gathering arcane artefacts and learning unholy spells as they race to be the chosen of their Elder God.

Players navigate the board – or the Fate Clock – and use their hand of spell cards to influence the course of the game. Being present at any particular site on the Fate Clock gives players an opportunity o perform an action, such as gaining useful artefacts at “The Museum” or enabling their Elder God's Dark Gift at “The Ceremony.” The more of your cultists are present at any particular location, the more they gain control of it and its unique powers. But be careful – the more ambitious and active you become, the more it is likely that you will attract the attention of pesky investigators. It you grow too bold too quickly, they might retaliate by raiding your cult’s lodge and hinder you in your dark pursuits!

Do not let the investigators save humanity, beat your opponents in summoning an Elder God, and you win! Of course, "win" is a relative term as it will certainly herald the end of the world — but that's a small price to pay for eternal servitude to the great Ancient Ones.

Players: 1-4

Time: 30 – 90min

Complexity: 3 / 5

Mechanics: Area Control, Dice Rolling, Hand Management

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