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Represent you guild in our Guild Kit battles, and celebrate the newest MTG set with us as we play a game of Sealed using Ravnica Allegiance boosters. Come down to our 244 Swanston Street store on Saturday, February 16th to participate!

Get your hands on some new cool promos - a full-art foil and some beautiful lands each representing a Ravnican guild, win prizes and boosters, and receive a unique D&D adventure - "A Zib for your Thoughts"

Here's what's gonna happen:

12:00pm - We are going to run a game of Sealed using the Ravnica Allegiance pre-release kits. Yes, we still have some! If you've missed out during the pre-release, or just want to get another one - here's your chance! Swing by a bit before 12 to register, and we'll give out the kits at 12pm straight. New foiled promos and special prizes await! Investment - $35.

5:00pm - We'll be running a Guild Kit Bash! Represent your guild, win foiled promos, prizes and boosters! Be one of the first to get your hands on the newest Guild Kits! Come a little before 5pm to register. Investment - $30. Spend your Ravnica Weekend with us! Save the date!

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