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Travel back to the start of human civilisation with our new game of the week - Epoch: Early Inventor

In Epoch: Early Inventors, you take the role of a clan chieftain, exploring the lands, discovering new technologies and appeasing the Gods at the sites of worship. Advance your civilisation, gain influence and accumulate status.This strategy game is very thematic and strives to be as realistic as possible.

Each turn, players choose between doing 1 action, developing 1 card, or performing 1 worship. Each step, like exploring the area or building tools, needs food supplies and different raw materials - this way, you need to plan ahead and strategise what you are going to do and what you need to do first to achieve your goals. You know, a classic Euro-style game ;)

Embark on an civilisation-building adventure through early history and bring your clan to prosperity!

For a 10% off on an in-store purchase of this game, quote our promocode : TOOL

Complexity: 3.5/5 Time: 2h+ Players: 1-4 Mechanisms: Simulation, Area Movement, Modular Board

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