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Ghosts of Saltmarsh - out today!

A collection of some of the best classic D&D adventures, the newly released Ghosts of Saltmarsh brings you the quintessential First ed. Dungeons & Dragons "U" series, together with some of the most popular nautical adventures from the history of Dungeon Magazine.

The classic titles, such as Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh, Danger at Dunwater, Salvage Operation, Isle of the Abbey, The Final Enemy, Tammeraut’s Fate, The Styes.. all are back in a brand new packaging, to be re-discovered and enjoyed by role-players once more!

The port town of Saltmarsh serves as a perfect starting point for a nautical adventure, and each campaign in the supplement can be played both individually or as a series, as well as inserted into your ongoing game.

The supplements includes everything you need for an epic sea adventure, from the rules for ships and maritime travel, to deck plans for various vessels, as well a an additional bestiary, and more! Explore the waves, solve the mysteries of the deep, and submerge into a fantastical sea voyage!

Come by our 145 & 244 Swanston street stores and get your copy of Ghosts of Saltmarsh!

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