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Game of the week - Dark Souls: The Card Game

Get dark and prepare for death in our new game of the week - Dark Souls: The Card Game

In this well-received cooperative card game, players are challenged to adapt their decks to the many encounters and evolve to fight their enemies better. As the game progresses, players will explore their surroundings and face off against more and more monsters, all the while getting closer to the powerful bosses hidden withing the labyrinth of Encounters.

Keep in mind - your deck is not only used to attack your foes, it also represents you health. Running low on cards means you are closer to death. You can, however, replenish your deck while resting at the bonfire. Of course, each bonfire has its price, and once all 5 have been used, the last embers fade away and the world is left in Darkness...

Gather Souls and Treasures, persevere through the Encounters and evolve your deck to face the most powerful foes. But most importantly, try not to die!

For a 10% off on an in-store purchase of this deck, quote our promo-code : ABYSS

Complexity : 2.5 / 5 Time : 1h Players : 1-4 (can be played solo) Mechanisms : Deck building, Hand management, Cooperative play.

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