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Grow delicious fruit & veg on Iceland in our new game of the week - Reykholt!

Oh, Iceland.. a dream destination for many, the land inspires music, art and well, board games! In Reykholt, you compete in growing fresh produce in a greenhouse - just in time for the tourist season.

Other than lovely art and beautifully crafted components, Reykholt offers a lighthearted cosy theme, streamlined rules and easy-to-learn gameplay. This is a rather light-weight euro-style board game, with Worker Placement mechanism at its core.

How it works? The game lasts 7 rounds total, each consisting of 4 phases - Work Time, Harvest Time, Tourism Time and Homecoming Time. Players allocate their workers to different slots on the board and thus get to perform actions, some of which will allow them to "seed" - plant different veggies in their greenhouse. Players then get to harvest and stock their goods, and race against each other along the tourism track.

There are no victory points to score, simply advance along the track and the player to get to the finish line - wins! Despite the gentle and cheery theme, once you arrive at the final round, things can get heated as you see your lead slipping, or someone unexpectedly catches up with you!

Designed by Uwe Rosenberg, who brought us such great titles as Bohnanza, Agricola, Patchwork and A Feast for Odin, Reykholt is another wonderful board game to add into you collection! Elegantly simple in design and gorgeous in appearance - all in all, a great game for a cosy winter board-game day with friends and family!


For a 10% off an in-store purchase of Reykholt, quote our promo code : POTATO

Complexity : 2/5 Players : 1-4 (can be played solo!) Time : 30min + Mechanisms : Worker Placement

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