More Christmas Gift Ideas!

Thinking about what do get for that Kris Kringle? Need ideas for inexpensive but fun gifts? We’ve got you covered! Pass by our 145 & 244 Swanston street stores and have a browse in our puzzles and novelties section!

We’ve got a lovely collection of crystal puzzles - anything from animals and cartoon characters to artwork reproductions and historical artefacts. Each 3-dimensional puzzle is comprised of anywhere between 30 and 100 pieces, varies in complexity, and after being constructed acts as a lovely decoration and memento.

Check out our Nanoblocks selection! There’s something for everyone - monuments and famous sights, adorable animals and mythical beasts, Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z characters, and more! Presenting a vast variety of themes and complexity levels, these could become someone’s new obsession!

Thinking of something a little more on the humorous side? We’ve got a lot of funny games, magic trick sets, and joke and prank books - loads of small gifts that will put a smile of one’s face!

These and many other interesting gifting ideas can be found at Mind Games - 145 & 244 Swanston street!

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