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Hey folks!

We're about to enter stage 3 lock-down for a lengthy period of time. While our CBD stores are going to remain open throughout this time for as long as possible, with the stricter restrictions in mind here’s how you can help us help you.

As many of you know we have an online sister company, Gumnut. Much of our stock is listed on Gumnut and when it sells we fulfil for them, so you’re supporting us directly by purchasing through them. Besides, what better way to keep you busy through a lock-down than playing games with your loved ones or doing a jigsaw or logic puzzle!

To get a discount, please use our promocode:


If a game is listed on Gumnut but is out of stock, it may be worth contacting them to check as it’s quite likely we may have just received restock copies or stock hasn’t been re-listed with Gumnut immediately. You can contact Gumnut directly through their website -

We will endeavour to keep business as usual at both our stores going as long as possible while taking every precaution in keeping both you and ourselves safe.


The Mind Games team.

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