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Super Fantasy Brawl is here!

Super Fantasy Brawl is a fast-paced head-to-head, 3v3 arena miniatures game where the first player to achieve 5 victory points is the winner. Victory points are gained through either the completion of challenges or eliminating an opponent's champion (don't worry, they do come back).

Each champion has a unique deck of 6 cards with a mix of red, yellow and blue cards.

Once you select your team of 3, shuffle the cards together and let the battle begin.

On your turn, you can take 3 actions (one per colour), either playing cards from your hand or using one of the common abilities on your player board. Play the right card at the right time to stop your opponent from claiming a challenge and deal just enough damage to claim that last victory point.

The Champions

The core box features 6 characters that all synergise really well with each other, making every team composition balanced and competitive. Read a little about each of them below:

Dugrun,Warden Of The North

Dugrun specialises in tanking damage. With the highest armour value in the game, he works best when surrounded by enemies, holding crucial zones to capture victory points. Pick him if you want to focus on scoring from challenges.

Gwaien, The Gathering Storm

Gwaien is a ranged champion with a very high damage output. She specialises in doing loads of burst damage but is pretty easily defeated if caught off guard. Pick her if you want to focus on dealing loads of damage.

Deryn, The Huntress Of The Eastwood

Deryn is the other ranged champion in the core set. Where Gwaien is only viable as a high damage source, Deryn sacrifices some of that raw damage for better team play and support options. Pick her if you want a well-rounded addition to your roster.

Kilgore, The Ravager

Kilgore is one of three bruiser options in the core set. He specialises in being able to sponge damage from opponents and recover it thanks to his built-in healing. Pick him if you want a tough fighter who just won't die.

Gold'arr Scourge Of The Several Seas

Gold'arr is the next bruiser up to bat and boy does he hurt. Gold'arr specialises in pulling champions off of objectives making him a constant presence while on the board. He definitely is a must-pick as he is a great option both offence and defensively.

Tzu Xiao,The Jade Claw

Finally we have Tzu Xiao, the stand out champion of the core set. Having the most amount of health Tzu Xiao is able to lead from the front, being able to contest objectives and defend your back line. Tzu Xiao definitely is a first pick for every lineup.

Let us know what your favourite team comp is below!


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