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What's New, Mind Games? 24/12/17

From all of us here at Mind Games we want to start by wishing you all a jolly Merry Christmas!

We hope that your Christmas, and New Years are filled with exciting memories you can look back on for years to come.

We are a hair away from 2018 and boy does the future look bright.

Like Space Age silver jumpsuits bright!

How do I know? Well look at what's just arrived to cap out 2017!

Gaia Project IS Terra Mystica in space! Play as different factions traversing the galaxy and terraforming planets. With a modular board, changes to the three bowl system, and enough other changes throughout that this may just feel like an upgrade on a popular game. Is this the future of your Terra Mystica sessions? Why not take the leap and find out?

Alien Artifacts may at first glance seem a little similar to the Imperial Settlers/51st State system Portal has perfected for their civilisation card-based strategy games. But where this differs (outstide of the stunning artwork) is the use of a deck of cards representing resources and attack strength along with a deck of ships, planets and technologies that are double-sided so you can use them in a way that best suits your strategy. Lightspeed fast and full of great engine building combos, Alien Artifacts does a great job of utilising the 4x idea in a card game format.

Pandemic : Rising Tide throws the diseases out the window. Now you must handle a Pandemic of ... water? With a whole new challenge, new ways for cubes to appear and means of spreading, variable methods of play and co-designed by Jeroen Doumen from Splotter (Food Chain Magnate) this may not have the widespread appealing theme but may just prove to be the hobbiest gamer edition of Pandemic.

Last, Munchkin X-Men carries on the success of Marvel Munchkin by focusing on Marvel's best team (yeah I said it). Okay so you do play as a student that teams up with famous X-Men characters like Wolverine, which I suppose skirts the problem of players fighting over who gets to be Wolverine, and take on major player villains such as Juggernaut or Magneto. Will you succeed or be defeated? For as Magneto once said, "X-Men! Welcome to die!"

Enjoy your Christmas folks!

Limited stock available.

Availabilities may vary between our 145 and 244 Swanston St locations. Contact your closest store to find out further information.

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