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Have you ever played MAGIC MAZE ?

You want a fast-paced, against-the-clock, grab-the-loot-and-get-outta-here cooperation game? Which, by-the-by was nominated for game of the Year 2017 ?

Then try Magic Maze! It all begins when an elf, a dwarf, a warrior and a mage walk into a shopping mall... And need to get out as fast as possible! French shopping has its own game with Magic Maze, where players have to cooperate in a frantic tile-laying race against the time!

In Magic Maze you won't be given a specific pawn or play turn by turn, but instead you will be given a set of move orders and directions that only you can use, on any of the four pawns, whenever you deem appropriate: Player A will be able to go left and take escalators, while Player B can go up and teleport, etc...

Once a pawns hit the border of a tile, draw another random one and lay it out to explore the shopping mall in order to find the four magical items and reach the four exits before your time (represented by an hourglass) runs out!

Oh, and did we mention that you can't to talk your teammates? After all, discretion is key... Army hand signals and deadly stares are allowed ;-)

Magic Maze: 4.5 / 5 (If you have patient, forgiving friends)

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