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Live your Medieval fantasy with Feudum!

Ever wondered how you’d fare if you were thrown into the Dark Ages with nothing but your wits a few coins to your name? Time to find out! Feudum is our new game of the week!

Feudum is a medieval strategy Euro-style game, implementing resource management, action programming, and area control mechanics. Don’t let the cute and quirky design fool you - this game is on the heavier side, so be prepared to launch yourself deep into the machinations and intricacies of its complex economy.

Each player controls several characters and explores the world of Feudum through them – be it as a farmer, a knight, or a landlord. There is a large scope of possibilities and many different strategies to score victory points: such as acquiring fiefdoms, gaining influence with various guilds, getting wealthier, and more. Maintain control of key locations, adapt quickly to the changing events within the game’s world, and don’t let you characters get sidetracked, enrage the King, or worse – end up dead! At the end, the player with most victory points wins!

This tabletop monster is now 10% off at Mind Games Melbourne if you quote our special code: BLIMEY!

See you soon, adventurers!

Difficulty level: 4.5/5

Player : 2-5

Time : 2h+

Age: 12+

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