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Gaia Project - our new game of the week!

Discover and colonise planets in the vastness of Space and propel your civilisation into a bright future with our new game of the week - Gaia Project!

On par with its predecessor - the much-loved strategy Terra Mystica - Gaia Project has 14 factions living on 7 different planets. The factions are initially bound to their homeland planets, so in order to grow and advance they need to colonise new lands. Each player competes for planets, terraforming them for their civilisation to thrive.

In addition, players must advance their factions in six different areas of development — Terraforming, Navigation, Artificial Intelligence, Gaiaforming, Economy, Research. These provide special skills and bonuses, helping players in their space colonisation.

The playable area is devised into 10 sectors, allowing for variable set-up and great replayability.

For a 10% discount on an in-store purchase of this game, quote our promocode : SPACE

Players:1-4 Time: 1.5h + Complexity: 4.5/5 Mechanisms: Area Control, Modular Board, Network Building

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