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Great Western Trail: Rails to the North

The much-awaited expansion for high-ranking strategy game Great Western Trail is finally on our shelves! Try out the new railway system, venture to new locations and watch your business grow!

To quickly re-cap, in Great Western Trail players found themselves in the 1800's United States, where they competed in cow herding business, venturing between Texas and Kansas City, and employing workers and constructing buildings along the way.

Great Western Trail: Rails to the North expansion introduces territories of the northeastern United States, with railroad stops at Chicago, Detroit, and New York City, amongst other cities. The herding business is more difficult to conduct, and players will have to establish branchlets along the way and help in the building of local towns.

Add more depth to your favourite strategy board game with Great Western Trail: Rails to the North!

Now available at Mind Games - 145 & 244 Swanston Street stores

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