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Introducing Sub Terra - now available at Mind Games!

Can you escape before the light goes out?

This award-winning cooperative game takes players to an underground network of caves. You are amateur cave explorers that got themselves a little too deep into the subterranean labyrinth. It is up to you and your friends to find the way out before your lights go off and the mysterious creatures of the dark catch up to you!

In Sub Terra, players assume the roles of the explorers, each equipped with their unique abilities that will help the group in their escape. Every turn, players draft tiles from a randomised pile; will it be a dead end, a lethal drop or a narrow tunnel leading to new options and, hopefully, safe escape?

At the end of each turn, a hazard card is drawn from the deck, determining what hardships the explorers should face as they go through the underground. When the deck runs out... the torches in your hands flicker, their light slowly dying off. You are left in complete darkness, deep in the underground. You hear the unseen horrors approaching, gaining up on you through the wet, cold tunnels of the cave system. They're near. This is Game Over. Or not! If you're quick enough, assemble the tiles, battle off the dangers of the subterranean world, and you might yet see the light of day!

The game is now available at 145 & 244 Swanston street Mind Games - both standard and collector's edition!

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