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Warfare and Zombies - in our new game of the week!

You know what goes well together in the context of a board game? World War II and Zombies! Challenge yourself with battle tactics and fight off the hordes of the Undead in our new game of the week - Axis & Allies & Zombies!

It is 1941, and the world is divided by a massive conflict. The players are commanding the forces of either the Axis or the Allies, locked in a lethal power-struggle. And then.. Zombies show up. As war goes on, more casualties mean more fresh corpses for the armies of the undead - as you battle one foe, the other gets stronger.

With your human enemies pushing from one side, and the ravenous flesh-eaters from another, each commander should make important decisions. What will come - Victory or Undeath?

For a 10% off an in-store purchase of this game, quote our promocode : CHAINSAW TANKS

Players : 2-5 Time : 1h+ Complexity : 3/5 Mechanisms : Area Movement, Dice Rolling, Partnership

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