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We have good news in store for RPG fans!

A huge shipment of hard to come-by RPG titles is on its way to us right now and should be with us around the end of March including award winning supplements and over thirty (yep, no typo) new core books!

Simple or intricate, quick or epic, gritty and challenging or serene and uplifting. Regardless of whether you've just picked up the dice for your first few games of D&D or you've been gaming for decades, we're aiming to have something here to blow your mind :)

While we've yet to finalise everything, I thought it might be a good chance to give you a preview of what's incoming, so below is a gallery of some of the new products on their way.

Bear in mind that for the majority of these products, we will initially be only receiving 1-3 copies and so if you want to make sure you can get your hands on one, you should contact us and put your name down!

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