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Build the city of Gloomhaven is or new game of the week!

“In the age after the Demon War, the continent enjoys a period of prosperity. It is decided that a new city will be built on the eastern shores—a hub of trade and a symbol of many races working in harmony. Each race brings their own specialty to the city, and each race holds a desire for influence over the city by contributing the most to its construction.”

Founders of Gloomhaven is a prequel to the illustrious board game sensation - Gloomhaven. In this competitive tile-placement game, players control one of the fantastical races working towards building the city and gaining more influence over it.

Each player starts by controlling one or two of the eight basic commodities used to build the landmarks of Gloomhaven. The course of the game is to construct buildings, generate raw resources from them, then refine these resources and deliver them to building sites to earn prestige points. However, each playable race has its own abilities and restrictions. This way, players cannot perform all tasks on their own and must work with other players to create and transport more advanced resources. Players vote on which buildings are to be constructed and where, and those with higher prestige have more weight to their vote.

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Players : 1-4 Time : 1.5h+ Mechanisms : Tile placement, Bidding, Worker placement Complexity : 4/5

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