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Takenoko - our new game of the week!

Take care of the Panda bear and its bamboo garden in our new game of the week - Takenoko!

Takenoko is a light, family-friendly strategy game, in which players find themselves in the Imperial Japanese court. Each player is tasked with tending to the lush bamboo gardens and take care of the sacred Panda living within - a gift to the Emperor from the Chinese ambassador.

Cultivate the land, irrigate it, plant one of the three types of bamboo - green, yellow, or pink, and draw objective cards. All the while, keep the ever-hungry Panda fed and happy! Players roll a weather die on their turn, which provides them with different bonuses, then use their 2 actions to complete goals from the objective cards. Once an objective card is complete, the player may claim its victory points!

For a 10% off on an in-store purchase of this game, quote our promocode : PANDA

Complexity : 2/5 Players : 2-4 Time : 40min+ Mechanisms : Action Point Allowance System, Grid Movement, Modular Board

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