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War of the Spark is upon us!

Come and fight off the undead hordes of Nicol Bolas (or shift to his side) this Saturday at Mind Games!

Our pre-release weekend for War of the Spark is almost here! There will be not one, but two exciting events, so that every player has a chance to participate and celebrate the coming of a new great set!

1:00pm - Pre-release tournament. Come a bit before 1pm to register, get your pre-release kit ($35 investment) and get busy constructing your deck! As always, there will be prizes and promos on the day!

5:00pm - Pre-release Party! Tournaments sound too serious? Want to just have a good time playing the new set? Not a problem, we got you covered. Come along for the 5pm party! No pairings, casual atmosphere, and just as much fun.

See you there!

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