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Magic Maze is back!

One of the top-sellers of 2018 and Mind Games staff's personal favourite - Magic Maze has finally returned to our shelves!

This fast-paced and easy to learn cooperative board game has become a new classic! In Magic Maze, a bunch of fantasy characters has accidentally found themselves in a modern shopping centre and need your help to escape, finding their belongings in the process. Aid our magical heroes grab their loot and disappear as fast as possible!

What's the catch? You can't talk! It's all about perception and quick thinking. Each player has a certain ability that is unique to them, like moving to the left or using the escalator, and so everyone is relying on others to perform their move. Act fast, keep an eye on the board, and you might just make it on time!

Magic Maze is now available at both of our stores - 145 & 244 Swanston street.

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