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Take on the mantle of a superhero in our new game of the week - 5-Minute Marvel!

In this fast-paced cooperative game, players have only 5 minutes per round to battle various foes and face off against the boss villain.

Each player assumes a role of one of 10 superheroes from the Marvel universe, then the super-team races to defeat all villains from their mission before the 5-minute timer runs out! In order to beat a foe, the players must match their cards to that of a villain. As the game progresses, our super-team faces more and more powerful villains, and at the very end of the line... you guessed it - Thanos!

The dynamic gameplay keeps everyone engaged, and the cooperative nature of the game encourages interaction and teamwork. The variety of heroes and challenging bosses provides replayability!

For a 10% discount on an in-store purchase of this game, quote our promocode : ENDGAME

Complexity : 1/5 Players : 2-5 Time : 5 minutes! Mechanisms : Hand Management, Variable Player Power, Cooperative Play

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