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Thornwatch - our new game of the week!

You are invited into the mysterious, perilous world of The Eyrewood in our new game of the week - Thornwatch!

Submerge into a wondrous adventure, bridging the gap between a role-playing game and a tabletop board game experience. In Thornwatch, players are spirits of the long-forgotten heroes - the Blade, Briarlock, Greenheart, Guard, Sage, and Warden - summoned back in a forest ritual. None of the spirits know each other, or the nature of their dangerous mission. One player is selected as the Judge, enacting the will of the Judging Wood.

Once the heroes are summoned, their challenging adventure begins! You must slay monsters, solve mysteries, and delve deeper into Eyrewood, going through beautifully crafted maps similar to comic book panels. Stay together, work as a team, and you may yet complete your quest!

For a 10% discount on an in-store purchase of this game, quote our promocode : EYREWOOD

Complexity : 2.5 / 5 Players : 3-6 (including 1 Judge) Time : 30min + Mechanisms : Role-Playing, Modular Board, Variable Player Powers

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