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Warhammer Fantasy, in pog form!

This week's "game you might have missed" is Warhammer: Disk Wars, a miniatures war game where the miniatures have been replaced by pog-like cardboard disks!

On the surface the concept sounds bizarre, but hiding under its humble exterior Diskwars boasts a robust and engaging tactical skirmish game system!

Each turn players secretly decide on a tactics card to play, which determines who goes first, how many units activate that turn, and what special abilities they may trigger. These cards don't refresh until a player has emptied their whole hand, making the decision of which card to play and when, an engaging and strategic puzzle.

Once activated, units move by flipping end over end, pinning and engaging enemies, adding a surprisingly enjoyable tactile element to the game!

Officially out of print since 2016, Warhammer: Diskwars is a wonderful and curious find, and lucky for you we have a few copies of the base game and its expansions at Mind Games! Come down, have a browse and walk away with a truly unique game to add to your collection.

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