🔥🔥Core Set 2020 pre-release is this Saturday! 🔥🔥

Come by our 244 Swanston street store for your chance to get those new Magic: The Gathering cards early!

As with the previous set, we'll be running 2 events : a pre-release tournament and a more casual pre-release party.

⭐️ 12:00pm - PRE-RELEASE ⭐️ Come for the noon tournament! The registrations open at 12:00 and the game begins at 12:30 on the dot. The format is sealed - you'll get your pre-release kit, make a fresh deck with crisp new cards, and get ready for battle! As always, there will be promos and boosters, and a special prize for the winner!

🎉 4:30pm - PRE-RELEASE PARTY 🎉 For a casual atmosphere and a friendly relaxed game, swing by in the arvo. The registration starts at 4:30pm, and there's no strict start. Get your pre-release kit, throw some cards together to create a Core Set 2020 deck, and you're free to start playing as soon as there's a friend to share a table with! Of course, there will be promos and boosters, and a fun little lucky dip at the end.

Shoot us a message, give us a buzz or approach our staff in-store to secure a place at either or both of these events. Seats, as well as those precious pre-release kits, are limited!

See you there!

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