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Sheep farming at its most intense in our latest game of the week, Lowlands!

In Lowlands, 2 to 4 players compete in building the most profitable sheep farm possible. However, unlike in most farming themed management games, players must also co-operate to keep everyone's farms safe from natural disaster!

Each player's farm is built next to the same river, and each round the river waters rise. Players can spend some of their precious actions building a dike to stop the eventual flood, but each action and worker spent on safety is one less spent breeding sheep and making cash!

The players with the richest farms have the most to lose if the lowlands flood, but also the most to gain by pushing their economic advantage! Will you take the risk and hope the rest of the farmers finish the dike for you, or will you work as a team with other players to keep your, and their, farms safe and run the risk of falling behind?

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Complexity : 3 / 5 Players : 2-4 Time : 60min + Mechanics : Worker Placement, Semi Co-op, Action Point Management.

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