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⭐️Friday Night Magic returns!⭐️

To all Magic: The Gathering aficionados - we are returning this week with our regular Friday Night Magic games!

The format for the upcoming Friday is Modern! So dust off your Kamigawa and Zendikar cards, bring out your Theros and Kaladesh decks, and let's see those Lorwyn fairies fly!

If you are new to Magic: The gathering and would like to just give it a try - you're very welcome to come by! We'd be happy to teach you all the basics, as well as provide a free starting deck.

As per usual, the game starts at 6pm, with registration opening at 5:30pm. The entry is $5 and includes a booster to go into the prize pool. Please keep in mind that this even is catering towards a casual crowd and is new-player-friendly ;)

See you there!

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