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Yokohama: Business as Usual (but fun)

Are you sick and tired of the never-ending rat race of all work and no play? Are you just plain over spending far too much time buying groceries and clothes? Can you just not possibly be bothered going processing another mind-numbing sale? Are you one business deal away from packing it in, discarding all material possessions and embracing the singular truth of the inevitability of a purely chaotic universe? Sounds to us like you need to buy yourself a game! Need a suggestion? Try Yokohama! Compete with two to four friends by buying groceries, making sales and organising business deals! In Japan! Now on special at Mind Games Melbourne!

Play as a merchant in the city of Yokohama, Japan during the Meiji period as it becomes a major harbour for trading with foreign western powers. Collect goods and resources for trade, build and modernise your workforce, create lucrative business relationships with foreign powers, become the greatest merchant in all of Yokohama!

Yokohama is played by moving workers around a board made up of a series of modules that create a different board each time you play. Move the president of your company and his assistants around the board to collect resources, invest in technology, make contracts, build trading houses and more! The more of your assistants you invest into an area, (and the more assistants that other players have invested) the more rewards you will reap from that space!

Will your victory come from technology, diplomacy, resources, a superior workforce or sheer wealth in yen? Pick your strategy and watch your business grow!

Need to break the monotony and stress of a competitive working life? Fight fire with fire and get yourself a copy of Yokohama; $30 off while stocks last! Come grab yourself a copy at 145 or 244 Swanston Street before one of your competitors beats you to it! You gonna let that guy win??

Hakuna Yokohama!


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