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It's the Most Spookiest Time of Year!

The Oxford Dictionary defines Halloween as the night of 31 October, the eve of All Saints' Day, often celebrated by children dressing up in frightening masks and costumes. Halloween is thought to be associated with the Celtic festival Samhain, when ghosts and spirits were believed to be abroad.

So as the Ozzie days start to sinisterly get longer and warmer why not grab a board game, party game or role-playing game to get into the spirit of Halloween? Here at Mind Games Melbourne we've got vampires, zombies, werewolves, ghosts, elder gods and most terrifying of all hordes upon insatiable hordes of versions of monopoly!

If you need help finding that perfect game for a spine-tingling Halloween then there's still time! We're open 9.30am-9.00pm Monday to Saturday and 11.00am-7.00pm Sundays. Need something spooky, hair-raising or straight up petrifying? Our friendly staff will be happy to help with your Halloween needs!

What do you think the spookiest or scariest game you've played is? We'd love to hear about it!


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