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Tapestry - preorders opening now!

Tapestry, the newest smash hit in the world of Civilisation board games, is soon to land on the shelves at Mind Games. Interested in being among the first to get their hands on this gem of a game? Come by any of our stores, message us via Facebook, or give us a call to preorder your copy of Tapestry!

Preorder price : $155.

A little about the game :

In Tapestry, you are the genius behind the creation and development of an entire civilisation. From early days to the glorious future, you are the architect behind the history of a nation. Starting from virtually nothing, you progress via one of the four paths - science, technology, exploration, and military - each providing unique and increasingly more powerful benefits.

You may chose a balanced approach and pursue the four progression branches in more or less equal measure, or focus on one aspect in particular. In any case, you are creating a unique civilisation of you own. Earn income, build cities, get victory points and gain tapestry cards that will tell the story of your civilisation!

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