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Everyone needs a little more of all things Eldritch in their lives!

Today marks the release of a couple new "Lovecraftian" titles : the most recent expansion for the acclaimed Mansions of Madness board game - Path of the Serpent, and Arkham Horror: Final Hour - a relatively fast-paced new horror/adventure co-op!

Path of the Serpent lets Mansions of Madness players delve deep into the wilderness of the Amazon forests. Explore the treacherous jungles, the ancient ruins, and uncover the secrets of a lost civilisation.

Arkham Horror: Final Hour presents a dynamic, fast-paced take on the classic eldritch adventures. You can play in a team of up to 4 players, or go solo! Keep the ever-growing tides of monsters at bay and find all the necessary components for your ritual before it's too late!

These fresh new title sand many more are now available at Mind Games, 145 & 244 Swanston street!

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