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Ok, so it's pretty easy being Green(stuff)

We’ve just received a big shipment of fantastic tools and hobby supplies from Green Stuff World thanks to huge demand around our first order. First and foremost we’ve gotten in a massive range of texturing rolling pins again, even bigger than the last one. However, like last time, for the most part we only have a few of each design, so if you have your sights set on a particular one, snap it up quick!

We’ve got a whole heap of cool new premium waterslide decals including heraldic designs, hazard striping, lines and strip markings, digital signals, posters and graffiti. On top of that there’s blank decal paper so you can print your own decals with an inkjet printer! How sweet is that?

There’s some interesting new weathering pigments that come pre-suspended so you can just slap them on. They come in a sets designed to give you a good mix for doing rust, dust or earth. We've also restocked Colourshift paint sets and gotten a small amount of each paint by itself so you can pick and choose- while stocks last.

Beyond this there’s a whole host of cool little resin and brass etch sets for adding tiny details to your models, from used shell casings and transparent potion bottles to roman numerals and fleur de lys. There are nice Kolinsky sable paintbrushes and brush cleaning soap and restoring gel to keep them in good shape. There’s thermo-plastic moulding material and rare earth magnets, clear resin for moulding water and gel for sculpting splashes and waves on top of it, basically anything you could want to put that extra bit of spice into your latest project or keep your hobby gear up to scratch!

While we're here, a lot of what we don't get from Green Stuff World we've gotten in a new line of hobby tools from Vallejo. Clippers and knives, sanders and tweezers, miniature masking tape and more! They're fantastic value and a great choice if you need to stock up for the long lock-down hobby grind!

As always at this time we are recommending our partner Gumnut as the best way to shop safely, but if you’d like to visit our 145 Swanston st store and grab something in person you’re welcome to, we’d just ask you wear a mask and plan to pop in and out in a timely fashion!

Take care out there!

The Mind Games Crew

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